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    Ultra High Capacity Floor Standing Centrifuge


    • ULTRA HIGH CAPACITY,(4 x 1000ml, 98 x 15ml or 40 x 50ml)
    • Accepts 500ml or 750ml blood bags
    • Two models
      • Floor-standing, with storage drawer
      • Underbench (27.5″ height for use under the bench)
    • Z496-1000-AC

      4 x 1000ml no buckets

    • Z496-1000-RBUK

      Rectangular bucket

    • Z326-MPCA

      NEW! Universal, 3 place chamber slide and 35/60mm dish adapter for microplate carriers 2/pk

    • Z496-1000-MPRA

      Microplate removing aid for rectangular bucket

    • Z496-1000-1L

      1000ml bucket

    • Z496-750-BLD

      750ml blood bag bucket

    • Z496-500-BLD

      500ml blood bag bucket

    • Z446-04500

      4 x 500ml

    • Z366-06250

      6 x 250ml

    • Z326-1050

      10 x 50ml

    Z496-KZK 496 Floor standing model
    Z496-K-UCZK 496 Underbench model
    Z496-1000Swing out rotor, 4 x 1000ml with rectangular buckets (4,200rpm/3,964 xg), requires inserts (see pdf literature for a full listing)
    Z496-1000-ACSwing out rotor, 4 x 1000ml without buckets, requires inserts (see pdf literature for a full listing)
    Z496-1000-RBUKRectangular buckets for ZK-1000-AC rotor, 2/pk (4,200rpm/3,964 xg)
    Z326-MPCANEW! Universal, 3 place chamber slide and 35/60mm dish adapter for microplate carriers 2/pk
    Z496-1000-1L1000ml bucket for ZK-1000-AC rotor, 2/pk (4,600rpm/5,203xg)
    Z496-500-BLD500ml blood bag buckets for ZK-1000-AC rotor, 2/pk (4,600rpm/5,298xg)
    Z496-750-BLD750ml blood bag buckets for ZK-1000-AC rotor, 2/pk (4,600rpm/5,274xg)
    Z496-1000-MPRAMicroplate removing aid
    Z446-04500Rotor, 4 x 500ml (8,000rpm/10,367xg)
    Z366-06250Rotor, 6 x 250ml (8,000rpm/10,016xg)
    Z326-1050Rotor, 10 x 50ml (10,500rpm/16,022xg)


    Speed Range:10,500 rpm
    Max. RCF:16,022 xg
    Max. Capacity:4 x 1000ml
    Temp. Range:-20° to 40°C
    24 x 27 x 27.5 in.
    (62 x 69 x 70 cm.)
    Floor Standing
    24 x 27 x 38.6 in.
    (62 x 69 x 98 cm.)
    Timer: up to 99 hr, 59min and continuous
    Weight:Underbench - 346lbs / 157kg
    Floor Standing - 419lbs / 190kg
    Electrical:230V, 50-60 Hz
    Power (Watts):2300 W

    The Z496-K centrifuges offer the highest tube/bottle capacity in our line.

    Several rotors are available, including a popular 4 position swinging bucket rotor with a wide offering of accessories for the centrifugation of tubes, bottles, plates and blood bags. The high capacity rectangular buckets accept microplates directly or a variety of tube inserts for accomodating as many as 40 x 50ml conical or 96 x 15ml conical tubes per run.

    Advanced microprocessor controls allow for instant rotor identification,
    which automatically converts the rotational speed to the relevant g-force (rcf), preventing the user from setting a speed above the capabilities of the installed rotor. In addition to retrieving up to 99 saved programs, the easy to use front panel can adjust accel/decel rates, time, and convert operation between rpm and rcf. The powerful refrigeration system, with a range of -20° to 40° C, also features a precool function that ensures the temperature of the chamber is optimized for any application.

    A standard floor standing model is available (height: 38.6 in.) which includes a convenient lower drawer for te storage of frequently used rotors and accessories. In addition, a space saving “underbench” model (height: 27.5 in.) is available when under the counter storage is preferred. Both models are equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability around the laboratory.

    For all your high capacity, high volume needs, the Z496-K floor standing series is the perfect centrifuge.