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      Introducing our Z307 and Z327

      Universal Centrifuges

      Welcoming the newest members of our family
      with added features and accessories!

    • Z216-MK
      Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

      High Speed, up to 21,631 xg

      44 x 1.5/2.0ml capacity

      Unique COMBI-Rotor™

    • Z287-A Microcentrifuge PLUS
      Compact Solutions For Every Lab

      Swing out and fixed angle options

      for tubes up to 50ml, microtubes  and plates!

    • Z446

      Benchtop Centrifuges

      Swing out rotor accepts  up to:
      28 x 50ml
      68 x 15ml
      20 microplates/8 PCR plates/ 4 deepwell plates

    • SIEVA-3
      Filtration Centrifuge

      Perfect for filtration and extraction of cannabis products
      and micromaterials!